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The information age gives businesses of all kinds access to Big Data that's growing in volume, variety, velocity & complexity. With more data coming from more sources faster than ever, the question is: what is your Big Data strategy? How are you combining new and existing data sources to make better decisions about your business? How could new data sources including social, sensors, location and video help improve your business performance? Will your Big Data remain dormant or will you make it work for you? As your trusted partner, Agilitics will work to help you bring order to your Big Data. With proven expertise in mature technologies and thought leadership in those that are emerging, our team of senior-level consultants will help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data - allowing you to predict customer demand and make better decisions faster than ever before. Whatever your Big Data challenges are, we'll provide you the strategic guidance you need to succeed.


Ajit Kumar Amit

Managing Partner

Big Data Guru with 15 years of extensive experience in BI and analytics Projects. He has spent most of his time with Top 5 IT consulting /fortune 500 companies and Financial institution in delivering BI Projects.

Seema Chand

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Seema has worked with numerous service organisation with service delivery and marketing focus. Prior to joining to Agilitics , She was working Jet airways India.

Mohammed Khasim

Director, Global Sales Strategy & Operations

+91 9986798748

Dedicated, Dynamic and Result oriented seasoned leader with a gamut of 8+ years of experience in Service Industries, Operations, Edu-Tech Operations, Training organization and BPO’s such as IT, Telecom, Information Services, Responsible for all end to end reporting/Escalations within Incident Management, Problem management & Change Management. With Comprehensive Employee back grounding Screening and Heading Training delivery operations.

Rajeev Kumar

Senior Vice President,Architecture

Rajeev has over 10 year's experience working with global hedge funds, Asset Managers, Investment Banks and top Mortgage Servicers. Rich experience in building and managing Financial and Business Analytics teams.


Boutique Big data , Analytics and Agile consultancy firm headquartered in Singapore

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