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May 1, 2018

Reasons you should consider getting PMP certified

To become successful in career is not easy as it takes a lot of hard work and patience. However, with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification,
April 26, 2018

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DevOps Practitioner Demo

Why should I enroll for DevOps Practitioner Demo?

There is an increasing demand for professionals who understand both the development and operational side of the software development and deployment process, making this DevOps Practitioner Demo well-suited for those who wish to enhance their marketability for these highly prized roles. Devops jobs are highly paid and in great demand in a wide range of popular industries. 

Agenda For the Demo:

Agenda For the Demo:

• Agile transformation has been revolutionizing everyone to Introduce DeVops Practitioner’s Course (How much scope of Automation will be required during release, deployment introduction to new tools to help agile process run smoothly, reducing length releases, shorter release cycles).

• Github (installation of github)

• Java (installation of java) (just to set an example what could be the scope of automation in a typical SDLC lifecycle), setting up path with a sample java program, using eclipse editor, advantages of editor).

• Maven (installation of maven , setting up path, run maven goals (based on request, I can take gridle as well if anyone asks , should be easy in terms of managing time).

• Introduction to CI (Teamcity, Jenkins, Integration of eclipse with teamcity).

• Test driven approach (Code coverage tools), Code review tools (sonar qube).

• Clubbing CI tools with test driven approach, using code review tools / code quality tools.

• Virtualization , Introduction of containers, Fallbacks of virtualization and introduction to containers.

• Docker (installation and hands on lab).

• Configuration management, push vs pull configuration.

• Puppet (installation and hands on lab), Chef (installation and hands on lab).

• Ansible (installation, hands on lab).

• Nagios (monitoring different nodes), understand various plugins

Date & Timings:
7th of September
8:30pm IST
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