Apache Hadoop and Spark Developer

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  • Big Data & Spark Overview

    • Overview of Big data and its challenges

    • Spark Architecture Overview

    • Installing and Configuring Spark

  • Quick Overview of SCALA Language

  • Spark Architecture Deep Dive

    • Using Spark Shell

    • Understanding Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs), Types of RDDs

    • Working with RDD Actions & Transformations

    • Complete Flow of a spark program

    • Deploying to Spark Standalone & Hadoop Cluster

    • Using Web UI for monitoring & managing Spark Applications

    • Hands On

  • Spark APIs & Usages

    • Working with Key-value pairs using Spark APIs

    • Overview of RDD lineage, Caching and Persistence

    • Share Variables: Accumulators and Broadcast Variables

    • Integrating with different data sources including HDFS

    • Logging & Unit Testing

    • Track Spark jobs stages for Investigation and Troubleshooting

    • Hands On

  • Working with Advanced Spark Features

    • Working with DataFrames & Spark SQLs

    • Hive & RDD Integrations

    • Working with different data formats: Structured and Unstructured

    • Hands On

  • Writing Spark Streaming Applications

    • Spark Streaming Overview

    • Understanding Streaming Operations

    • Sliding Window Operations

    • Developing Spark Streaming Applications 

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