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Neo4J Graph Database

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Neo4j is one of the best graph databases in the world. It is developed by Neo Technology Inc. Neo4j is described as the ACID-complaint (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability are the set of properties for database transactions) database. Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database which uses data and relationships to help organizations build top-notch applications to meet present-day data challenges. Big Data no longer suffice organizations, it provides only volumes of data, however, enterprise leaders are looking forward to achieving bottom-line decisions and real-time insights on how data is related which is provided by Graph Database. Graphs are the most intuitive way of representing data. Neo4j is an excellent tool which is built up to harness the power of graphs and real-time insights.


Use Cases of Neo4j

  • Fraud Detection: Neo4j helps organizations to reveal the key elements in different types of fraudulent activities.
  • Graph-Based Search: Neo4j helps you get more sensible and accurate search results for various queries raised.
  • Social Network: Neo4j offers creative possibilities while working with social connections or relationship-based activities.
  • Real-Time Recommendation Engine: Neo4j helps organizations customize the products and contents by using the real-time connection between data.

We offer excellent Neo4j course in Singapore Neo4j Training helps students to understand and implement the Graph Database in real-time scenarios which make us the best training institute for Neo4j in Singapore. Our curriculum is brief and covers all the aspects of the Graph Database.

Scope of Neo4j:

Various job positions offered for Neo4j include:

  • Big Data Technical Analyst
  • Technical Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Fraud Detection Specialist
  • Real-time Social Media Analyst

Prerequisite to join Neo4j Course:

  • Basic computer handling skills.
  • Drive towards data visualization
  • Drive towards Graph Database

Why you should learn Neo4j in Agilitics Pte. Ltd.:

1. Trainer: We have the best trainer for Neo4j who has got decades of experience in database and data visualization. He carries deep knowledge in working in various domains such as Financial, Social Media, Fraud Detection, Insurance and Banking domains. His student-friendliness and deep knowledge make him one of the best trainers for Neo4j in Chennai.

2. Curriculum: We offer the best course curriculum for Neo4j which makes us the best training center for Neo4j in Singapore. Our curriculum is very comprehensive and is certification oriented.

1.Introduction to Graph Databases and Neo4j : 5 hours
What is a Graph? Current Graph Processing Space, Graph Databases, Graph Processing Engines, Advantages of Graph Databases, Fallacy of RDBMS For connected Data, Fallacy of Common NoSQL Databases for Connected Data,
Graph Database Natural Playground, Graph Database Use Cases and Recommendations- Social and ACLs, Why Neo4j? Graph Data Neo4j Vs RDBMS, Neo4j in NoSQL World, Data Modelling in Neo4j and Getting Neo4j

2.Neo4j Basics : 5 hours
High Level Neo4j Architecture, Hard disks, Store Files, Caches in Neo4j, Fault Tolerance, APIs, Sizing Indicators, Starting Development in Neo4j, Development Environment setup, Modelling in Graph Data structures, Interacting with Neo4j, REST API, Embedded Mode, Server Mode and Interaction with Neo4j with Core

Introduction to Cypher
Exploring Neo4j using Cypher, Create Nodes and Relationships, Invoking Cypher from Java, Parametrize the Queries, Filtering, Regex search, Escaping characters, Comparisons, Sorting, Boolean operators, Working with Collections, Paging of Results, SKIP and LIMIT, Aggregation of Results, Ingesting Data in Neo4j from CSV, REST API imports and Java Batch Insert.

3.Advanced Cypher : 5 hours
Using Neo4J Browser, Modifying Existing Data, Deleting Data, Loops, Best Practices, Profiling Queries, Indexes and Constraints, Transactions in Neo4J, Unleashing the Power of Traversals and Indexing in Java

4. Neo4j in production : 6 hours
Traversals in Neo4J, DFS Vs BFS Traversals, Relationship Expanders, Unidirectional and Bi-directional Traversals, Managing Traversal Uniqueness in Neo4J, Embedded Mode, JVM Based

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