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Talend Data Integration Administration
January 9, 2018
Talend Data Mapper Advanced – HL7
January 9, 2018
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Talend Data Mapper Essentials


No. of Days: 2

Target audience Java developers and software architects
Prerequisites Completion of Data Integration Basics, a general understanding of Java
Course objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Import structures from existing files or databases, or manually create them
  • Perform complex mappings and transformations between input and output structures
  • Harness the power of TDM from data integration Jobs or ESB Routes
  • Work with complex standards like EDI and COBOL
  • Define and run test cases
Course agenda TDM in context

  • Concepts

Creating a simple XML to XML map

  • Creating a structure
  • Creating a map

Simple looping

  • Preparing the environment
  • Using simple loops
  • Sorting by item quantity
  • Adding a filter

Nested looping

  • Creating a new map using nested loops

Aggregation looping

  • Aggregating data

Using more functions

  • Using a concatenation function
  • Using an if-then-else condition

Using the tHMap component

  • Using the tHMap component
  • Reusing an existing map

Using context variables

  • Using context variables

Defining and running test cases

  • Setting up a test case

Using the cMap component

  • Creating a Route
  • Creating the XML to JSON mapping
  • Configuring cMap and testing the Route

Using the tHMapFile component

  • Creating a Big Data Job
  • Creating the XML to JSON mapping
  • Using the tHMapFile component

EDI optional module:

Mapping the EDI format

  • Embedding multiple representations
  • Creating a map


  • Upgrading the output inheritance
  • Upgrading the output mapping
  • Upgrading the input inheritance

COBOL optional module:

Handling COBOL redefined fields (RDEFs)

  • Creating a COBOL structure
  • Configuring the structure for redefined fields

Mapping COBOL to Excel

  • Creating a COBOL structure
  • Creating a DI Job

Flattening a looping COBOL structure

  • Creating a Job

Mapping COBOL to XML

  • Creating a COBOL structure
  • Creating a map

SWIFT and databases optional module:

Working with SWIFT structures

  • Creating a SWIFT structure
  • Creating F30 and F20 fields
  • Creating F31P and F35B fields
  • Creating F35A and F83D fields
  • Creating F87D fields

Mapping SWIFT files to MySQL

  • Setting up a MySQL connection
  • Creating a DI Job
  • Mapping elements
  • Running the Job

Mapping multiple record types

  • Creating an input structure
  • Creating an output structure
  • Mapping elements
  • Creating a DI Job

Performing a database lookup

  • Creating a database structure
  • Adding a database lookup
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